• Adrienne Bell

My Year to Write Hella Words

I’m going to write half a million words in 2020.

There. I wrote it down. According to the law of the internet, that sentence is legally binding, right? I’ve signed a virtual contract and have to do it now.

I know that half a million is a big number—way more than I’ve ever written before in a single year—but it’s not about the number. No, really.

It’s about what half a million words means.

For me, 2020 is going to be about the power of consistency, patience, and belief. Those three traits. They’re what’s important. They’re what I’ll be focusing on.

The half-million words will be a byproduct of that focus.

You see, my whole career I’ve struggled with production schedules. Some years I’ve put out three books. Others I’ve struggled to complete one.


Because I want results, but I want them now (patience), and when I don’t get them I lose faith in my ability (belief) and lose focus (consistency).

I’m not proud, but that’s the hard truth.

But once you know what’s not working you can change it. So, that’s what I’m going to do in 2020.


By showing up and consistently writing 1370 words every day from January to December. That’s not a huge word count, but the important thing is it’s an amount I believe I can do. And with a little patience, the numbers will start to grow.

1,370 words a day is

9,590 words a week is

41,100 words a month is

125,000 words a season is

500,000 words a year

Now, I know that some days those 1,370 will be harder to finish than others, but that’s where commitment comes in. Just like with any training, the longer you do it, the stronger the muscle gets.

That’s why the most important thing is just keep showing up.

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