• Adrienne Bell

How Many Is Hella?

So, exactly how many words are hella words?

That’s a great question…and one I can’t answer. At least, not for you.

I only know the answer for myself. For me hella words are half a million.

For some writers that’s nothing. They might do over a million in a year. For others, it’s a paralyzing figure. Way more than they can achieve with their current schedules.

And that’s fine. Really.

My hella words aren’t yours. And your hella words aren't mine. Or anyone else’s.

You don’t have to explain or justify it to another soul. Only you can know what makes sense for you. Only you can balance the scales of ambition and achievability in your own life.

But I can tell you that the best way to figure out your hella is by planning.

I’m not talking about plotting vs. pantsing (there’s no way I’m jumping into that quagmire here). What I mean is doing the math.

Maybe your day job means you can only commit to writing on the weekends. Let’s say after a little soul searching, you’re willing to commit to 1,000 words a day every Saturday and Sunday...

That’s 2,000 words a weekend

Which turns into 104,000 words a year.

Definitely hella.

Or maybe you’re willing to give up one television show per weeknight and write 300 words in that reclaimed time.

Now you’re adding an extra 1,500 words per week,

Or an extra 78,000 a year. (A whole novel!)

So hella.

Then again maybe you want your weekends off. Totally understandable. You decide to commit to 1,000 words on weekdays.

That’s 5,000 words a week.

260,000 words a year.

Hella hella.

Whatever you decide your hella to be, join us over on the Slack channel to share your ups and downs through the year. There you can shout your hella plan to the world or keep it to yourself. Your choice. Either way, you’ll find other writers committed to helping each other create an amazing year.

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